Which Online Bingo Strategies Really Boost Your Bankroll?

Bingo Bankroll Strategy

Bingo Bankroll SmallThere are lots of bingo strategies online that claim to be able to help you bend the odds in your favour and win every game. The truth is that you won’t find any miracle strategies out their that can guarantee you’ll win a fortune, as bingo is a game of luck – and that’s what makes it so much fun.

But if you’re looking for savvy strategies that can help you boost your bingo bankroll, make your games more profitable, give you better value for money and make your online bingo experience a whole lot more fun, then you’ve come to the right place. These useful tips are great for players of all abilities looking to get more from their online bingo games and boost those bingo bonuses.

Make Use Of Free Games
You can’t get better value than a free bingo game that pays out in real cash prizes. Surprisingly, a growing number of bingo websites are doing just that. Britain’s leading bingo site, Jackpotjoy, currently offers five free games a day, every day, each one offering up a £100 cash prize. If you’re looking for the chance to boost your bingo bankroll without spending a penny of your deposit, make the most of these free games. While the prizes on offer obviously don’t match the huge progressive prizes you’ll find at the most popular games, they’re still a welcome bonus for any player.

Get Connected
To really get the most from your online bingo games, you need to stay up to date with the latest news on bonuses and promotions as soon as they’re announced. These online promotions give you more ways to win, free games to play, bonus deposit top ups and sometimes great prize giveaways too. They’re often time limited offers, so it’s worth your while signing up to your favourite sites’ mailing lists to keep up with the latest announcements. Most bingo sites now have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts too, and connecting with them via social media is an easy way to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest news.

Be Choosy When It Comes To Cards
If your favourite site offers you the option of choosing your own cards, go for it. One of the most popular strategies for bingo, courtesy of mathematician and stock market trader Joseph E. Granville (pictured), explains that your card choice can actually improve your winning odds. You can read more about Granville and his theory here, for a more in-depth look at the best ways to choose your cards, but essentially the key is to choose cards that feature as broad a range of even, odd, high and low numbers as possible.

Play Progressive
The vast majority of bingo sites now feature progressive jackpot games, and that’s great news for players looking to win big. Progressive jackpots are by far the biggest jackpots available online. They work by taking a portion of every player’s ticket money and adding it to the pooled cash prize. So, the more people that play the more you all have to play for. It helps to vary your game selections to include lower stakes, lower prize games, with big money progressive games, to keep your bankroll healthy – and your excitement levels high too!