Join Paddy Power’s Mile High Club

With so many bingo sites out there it's getting very difficult to keep track of the fabulous new offers and bonuses being added daily to all of them. But we've come across this terrific one from Paddy Power Bingo which rewards you, the player, for your loyalty and for the amount you play online.

It's the new Mile High Club and all you need to do is play for more than 21 days in the month and spend over £50 in the month. That then ensures you qualify for an exclusive invite to the Paddy Power £400 Bingo room.

So what's in this room?

  • 8 free Bingo games worth a total of £100.
  • £100 game at 10p per ticket.
  • A 20p per ticket game with £200 up for grabs

Of course this isn't the only offer that Paddy Power Bingo has going on this month. As you have to spend £50 to get into the £400 bingo room, you'll be thrilled to hear that you'll also benefit from one of Paddy's Angels who, once you have spent £5 cash on bingo tickets, will deliver you a free scratch card.

And what can you win on this free scratch card? Up to £500 in BBs which, and this is the best bit, NEVER expire! The brand new scratch card is now a permanent fixture on Paddy Power Bingo and once the clock strikes midnight you have another chance to qualify for a new scratch card.

The scratch cards are UNLIMITED so once you’ve had your daily scratch card you can get another one the next day, and the next day and the…you get it.

So if you weren't sure about Paddy Power Bingo before, you should be now so get playing now to get an invite to Paddy’s Mile High club next month!

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